top 5 and 3/4…most stylish tv shows

1. Sex and the City:  The first and still the best. Two words – Carrie Bradshaw


2. Gossip Girl: These upper east siders are currently the most stylish 16 year olds on the planet. And the richest: Balenciaga, Burberry and Chanel are their labels of choice. Styled by Eric Daman, the assistant stylist on SATC, GG is Carie Bradshaw’s uber chic little sister.


3. Mad Men: 1950s glamour in a New York adverstising agency. The men are swarve, slick and smart. The women are all beautiful; donning evening gloves, crocodile skin clutches and classic Dior-esque tight waists and big skirts. Red lipstick is a daily must for the ladies, whilst braces and a scotch on the rocks are the men’s essentials.


4. Strictly Come Dancing: sequins, sequins, a healthy does of flesh baring lycra and more sequins! Saturday night tv never looked so good!


5. The Hills: LC rocked the west coast look with tanned skin, black nails and an enviable marriage of casual ease and effortless glam.


 3/4. Eastenders: Pat’s clip-on earrings and Dot’s cigarette holders constitute an often over looked British fashion instution.




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