Top 5 and 3/4…trends better best forgotten.

1. The Velour Tracksuit: Pulling off a block colour two piece is hard enough without having to emulate a throw cushion to boot.


2. Crocs: orthopedic shoes never looked so good.


3. Shutter shades: at least you can only see half of the person laughing at you.


4. ‘Popped’ collars: Elvis got away with it, just. Its sure fire way to look like the kind of person you dont want to talk to at a party.


5. Crimped hair: you go to all the effort to look like you have just been electrocuted only for the crimps to fall out within minutes of reaching the outside world, shame.


3/4:  The Mugg (The Men Ugg) The jury is definately out on these toe toasters. Im on the pro-mugg side of the fence so long as they are worn right (see below). Saying this, I will never buy any. Ever.




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