Top 5 and 3/4…Annie Leibovitz does Disney

1. Julianne Moore as Ariel: the colour, the longing, the busyness – what is there not to love?


2.  Scarlett Johansson as Cinderella: a classic image perfectly executed.


3. Tina Fey as Tinkerbell: who better to capture Tinkerbell’s exhaustion, underappreciated toil and ‘always the bridesmaid’ complex.


4. Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens as Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip: [insert over zealous drooling over Zac Efron] and Vanessa looks alright too.


5. Drew Barrymore as Belle: I would have preferred a still from the ‘Bonjour’ scene, but nevertheless this image does perfect justice to my favourite Disney feature film.


3/4 LND and B as Troy and Gabriella: Annie was overwhelmed to work with such professionals after the whole ‘Queen’ business. [clothes: models own]





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3 responses to “Top 5 and 3/4…Annie Leibovitz does Disney

  1. disconaplondon

    Ooh I love these Disney pictures.

    I must IMDB those last two because I’m sure I recognise them from somewhere.

    • Leila

      The Drew Barrymore picture is from a “Beauty and the Beast” series she did in 05 (if memory serves me). I think it was in Vogue. It’s not part of Leibovitz’s Disney Dreams series.

  2. clara

    wow there are very nice pictures
    tancks a lot

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