top 5 and 3/4…observations on march 08 to march 09 british vogue covers


I heart Vogue

I heart Vogue

1. Put Kate Moss on the front. This happened three times last year. Moss sells but unlike some other celebrities who were lucky enough to swindle a cover, Moss also works.

2. Put Posh on the front. The magazine sells out, but perhaps so does the editor.

3. Put Cheryl Cole on the front. See above.

4. Use brights. Nothing makes me happier than the word Vogue in neon pink 10cms high.

5. Do have life imitating art. In SATC The Movie, Carrie is featured in an age related Vogue. The same month of the movie release British Vogue does ‘Ageless Style’, ‘Facing forty with Glamour’ and ‘How to Grow Old Fashionably’.  The slightest chance that Carrie Bradshaw does actually exsist and could be found in that issue of Vogue sent us wild.

3/4. Do get over the celebrity. Over a quarter of last year’s covers were celebrities, (not including Moss, who is arguably the biggest celebrity of them all but is also a model. Painfully enough, this is actually her day job) Vogue is not a gossip magazine. It is a fashion magazine. Lets have more clothes, more models and less girl band members who got thin and ‘found fashion’, per – lease.



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