top 5 and 3/4…style masterminds

1. Barbara Hulanicki: Founder of  BIBA – the crowning jewel of 20th century British fashion. BIBA embodied the swinging 60s in London. Twiggy and Mick Jagger would hang out and high street fashion was never the same again.


2. Jane Shepherdson: My personal hero. She is responsible for making Topshop what it is. Leg – End.

3. Pierre Berge: The lover, business partner, art collector and general emotional crutch of YSL. Some say he was interfering and controlling. Others say he kept Yves on the straight and narrow. Whatever the case,  he dedicated his life to the man driven by a genuine respect for his talent.


4. Alexandra Shurman: In April’s Vogue she has brought back ‘More Dash than Cash’ and put TopShop items in the capable hands of the Vogue team. Marvelous.

5. Patricia Field: The genius behind our beloved Carrie Bradshaw.

3/4. Jacquline Anne French: My mother. Yes, I know everyone says it, but with my mum it really is true. No one can pair Hermes and Hennes like she can or weave Temperley and Topshop without even the most knowing fashionista telling. A real style mastermind. Lets hope its genetic.



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