Top 5 and 3/4…contemporary male fashion icons

1. Tom Ford: a man who oozes sophistication. As far as I am concerned, he invented the suit.


2. Will Young: his cheeky yet casual approach always hits the mark. Saying this, Im glad he is leaving the hats alone.

3. Zac Posen: Loved by Gucci, Yves Carcelle and most fashionistas in the know. He should spend more time in front of the camera because he is an original and snappy dresser. I would love to be able pull off a neck scarf!


4. Jonathan Rhys Meyers: there is good reason why he is the face of many a Versace and Hugo Boss campaign. Also, anybody who can rock a doublet gets my vote (see The Tudors for full details)


5. Chuck Bass: to me (and I can safely speak for AMS also) Chuck is THE male fashion icon de jour. He can be sipping whisky at 4am yet still look dapper. He can wake up with a stinking hangover but look effortlessly sexy in a velvetine dressing gown with matching pocketchief. I want to be him, simple as that.


3/4 . Lenny Kravitz: He deserves to make the list for sheer effort alone. With as many fashion triumphs as disasters, Lenny is one to watch. He may not get it right all the time, but I applaud him for pushing the boundaries of male fashion.




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3 responses to “Top 5 and 3/4…contemporary male fashion icons

  1. sparklingwhine

    Numer 4? Chuck Bass? x

  2. sparklingwhine

    I was wrong – not even No.4 but practically last! x

  3. sparklingwhine

    Its in no particular order! If anything, I leave the best to last.

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