top 5 and 3/4…stylish London universities

1 – 5. Goldsmiths College, University of London:

Goldsmiths is the first university ever to run its own campus based branch of the Women’s Institute.  An interesting mix of hip, liberal art college and traditional British life. Yet don’t be deceived. These cool cats haven’t found Agatha Christie or Songs of Praise. Oh no. Their jumpsuits and Pixie Geldof references give their game away. These two girls are merely following in the footsteps of  their predecessors (Damien Hirst amongst them) by continuing the ironic, post post modern, alter-modern ways of Goldsmith college. And I salute them. Not just anyone can turn jam making cool.

The WI in 1914 making jam

The WI making jam. 1914.

The Evening Standard has the whole story:

3/4. Still haven’t figured out how to do links. working on it though. [allow me – LON]



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    Hey! I just found your blog, loving the format. I have linked to you so now you will get literally one referral a week to boost your readership. xx S

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