Top 5 and 3/4…unisex

1. The [man] bag: So long as the bag remains utilitarian any modern man is happy to sport a little over the shoulder number. Even Jack Bauer has one. Mine’s a Mui Mui please.

2. The skinny jean: the love affair started in the 50s, had a brief revival in the 80s, but the skinny jean is now a staple of any man / woman about town. Ive even known hetro couples to share a pair!

3. Pink: Not just for little girls, boys have reclaimed pink. You may call is salmon or portland-orange but it is still pink and wear it with pride!

4. Shimmer: A sequin here, a diamonte there, you cannot escape the sparkle in men’s clothing nowadays.

5. Make-up: more men wear it than you think. It takes the right kind of man to rock guy-liner, but I know straight and gay alike who dont leave the house without wearing a little cover up. My sister bought me Yves Saint Laurent Touch Eclat for Xmas, its exactly the same as the woman’s one, but my masculinity is preserved by ‘pour homme’.

3/4. Introducing…The Mooch [the male brooch]: A little fashion prediction of mine for SS/09 is the man brooch. It may not be on the high street (or really on the catwalk either). But you heard it here first!



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One response to “Top 5 and 3/4…unisex

  1. disconaplondon

    Haven’t you heard? The skinny jean is over – it is all about the tulip skirt now. I’d love to see a boy rock that. 😉

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