Top 5 and three quarters…comic relief 2009

1. The Stella McCartney T-Shirt: a charity t-shirt without a sell-by-date. The designs are contemporary, fun and very cool. The only down side is that you have to find a TK Maxx to buy one from.


2. David Tenant and Davina McCall: I want them both to be my friends. Well maybe I want David Tenant to be more than friends. An inspired double act, more please!

3. The Kilimanjaro 9: a great idea that has raised over £3 million in its own right. It was quite emotional seeing our Cheryl struggle to the summit. Even Chris Moyles came across well. Only criticism is that we needed to see more of Kimberely (the unsung hero of Girls Aloud).


4. French and Saunders do Mamma Mia: my sides almost split watching this spoof. The accuracy was frightening and who knew Jennifer Saunders was a doppelganger for Meryl Streep!? French and Saunders are back on form after a few luke warm movie spoofs of late, shame it is apparently their last one.

5. Over £59 million raised: The total is staggering, especially in our well documented economic wasteland. I remember when £30 million was a good final total! British humanity is clearly not bankrupt.

3/4: Please donate whatever you can, the round number of £60 million is much better anyway.



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