Top 5 and three quarters…little luxuries

1. Molton Brown shower gel: If I close my eyes I can almost believe that I am in an expensive hotel somewhere.

2. A new glossy magazine: whether it is a weekly Heat or a bi-yearly Love magazine, there is something almost religious about sitting down with a cup of tea and a shiny new publication.

3. Cashmere jumpers: like wearing a hug.

4. M&S Avocados: cue backing music and seductive voice …they aren’t just any avocados. Too true.

5. Freshly laundered bed sheets: it only lasts for one night, but boy do you sleep well enveloped in freshness.

3/4. Having the time to write a blog: creative outlets are hard to come by in the world of the law.




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2 responses to “Top 5 and three quarters…little luxuries

  1. sparklingwhine

    AMEN. In utter agreement. Except the avocardo bit – but still with you on the M&S bit. What a TEAM!

  2. Ben

    Oh my days, I LIVE for moment when I can afford to buy Molten Brown on a regular basis. Molten Brown in the bathroom is a sign of a very good restaurant indeed.

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