top 5 and three quarters…reasons why i’m getting excited about topshop NYC

1. So far so good: Set to open on 2nd April, Topshop’s marketing does not disappoint and really hits the nail on the head when they say…


2. They are so ON IT:

 In the meantime look out for our Hearts Challenger vans which will be driving round the city’s hippest spots from March 23rd – April 1st giving out goody bags! You’ll be able to follow them as they drive around NYC with our GPS tracker.’

3. Commitment to the cause. Come hell or high water (quite literally actually – the 30, 000 sq ft space suffered a fire and a flood) topshop will open. And thank you Mr Green for the $20 mill you coughed up. Money well spent sir.  

4.  A reason to be proud to be British – for once. Topshop is following in a long line of great British exports: Shakespeare, The Beatles, Vivienne Westwood. Forget Miliband and Brown. I will happily have Topshop represent me overseas. In fact, I think we need a Topshop flag as well as a flagship store.

5.  Boosting NY tourism. I want to go to New York just to check out the Topshop. Seriously.

3/4. All for waving St. George in those Americans’ faces, of course. But the ‘cor blimey gov’nor’  comments on the US website will just confirm to the good people of the US of A their unswerving belief that we all speak like we are from Hackney Marshes! These days even people from Hackney Marshes don’t speak like that! A mere joke topshop? Everyone knows that the Americans don’t ‘get’ British humor.



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