top 5 and three quarters…secrets one should never confess to (inspired by my studies on Freud)

1. The outfit: Never admit (a) How long it took to construct (b) the emotional turmoil you went through to create such a masterpiece  and (c) just quite how much its costs. NB (c) is a confession you should also keep from yourself.

2. Chocolate/cake/excessive amounts of crumpets or anything else that makes you fat: Never admit to your boyfriend that this is the third bar of the day or that you couldn’t get up in morning if you knew Cadburys had gone bust.

3. Best friend: Never admit to ANYTHING you don’t like  about them or belongs to them – especially their clothes. A careful ‘only you could pull that off’ is a good way out when asked directly on such matters. (I will not confess how many times my best friends have said this to me)

4. Never admit to reading Vogue like its the bible.

5. The ex: Never admit that you don’t think she is pretty, well dressed, intelligent, deserving or funny. And note to self: never confess your insecurities about the ex –  particularly to yourself.

3/4.  Always tell everyone you have nothing to hide.



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