Top 5 and three quarters…reasons to love Miu Miu

1. The tote: Miu Miu can execute a perfect handbag. The label is not intrusive, but it makes you aware that you don’t own just any old tote. There is good reason the Miu Miu tote is one of the most copied bags found on the high street.


2. The ad campaigns: never mind the A-listers, the rich colours and funky production always win my attention.


3. Gossip Girl loves it: any friend of GG is a friend of mine.

4. The brand: Miu Miu has succeeded where many brands fail. Myself and fellow disconap blogger S were just last night extolling the virtues of the brand. Trendy, commercial and yet quirky.


5. The price tag: In the world of designer goods, Miu Miu is relatively affordable. You can buy yourself a younger and hipper version of Prada at a fraction of the cost (if, unlike me, you happen to have any money).

3/4. No Menswear!: Miu Miu abandoned their male collection last year, poor form Prada!

LON (Edited by V)


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