Top 5 and three quarters…designer items I own

1. Pierre Cardin tie: my very trendy sister gifted to me this vintage tie from 1945. Sometimes I wear it and pretend to be a post-war dandy.


2. Kurt Geiger shoes: I love these shoes because they go with everything. Its such a shame I have worn them too much and now not even re-heeling them will bring them back to life.


3. Ralph Lauren polo: this polo shirt never fails to get a reaction. Some people think it looks like I have been painting in it, but I love the vibrant colours and the subtle yet gigantic logo.


4. Miu Miu wallet: I love Miu Miu (see previous post) and I am proud to own a remnant of their short lived mens collection.


5. Tiffany key-ring: I am not a fan of male jewellery, but I am a fan of Tiffany. The compromise: this questionably masculine charm key-ring.


3/4. ‘Evisu’ t-shirt: when I was about 15 for some reason I thought Evisu was all the rage. I was wrong. Anyway, I badly stitched on the Evisu logo onto a Next t-shirt. I never wore it out of the house and now I keep it as a reminder never to buy / make knock offs.




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