Top 5 and three quarters…why Gossip Girl is the best thing on TV at the moment

1. The affluence: if you want a hard dose of reality, turn on the news. If you want escapism, tune into GG where even the ‘poor’ live in awesome lofts and can afford three different winter coats.

2. Blair Waldorf: Madame Bovary meets Kathryn Merteuil [Cruel Intentions]. Blair is the perfect heroine because she makes mistakes, has fortitude and purpose and is not afraid of a fight.

3. NYC: The Upper East Side has a mystique and glamour that most cities cannot recreate. If GG was set in London our cast would be from Chelsea wearing pashminas and Jack Wills rather than jewels and Balenciaga.


4. Chuck Bass: the resident bad boy would make the Great Gatsby blush. I wish as a teenager I was at a gala sipping fine malt whiskey, instead I was probably at the cinema drinking bacardi breezers.

5. The fashion: Eric Daman is to thank for the fabulous style of GG (he was a stylist on GG’s older sister SATC). Heavy-weights like Valentino and Prada are chomping at the bit to have their designs appear on the show.


3/4. The spin-off: the CW is already filming scenes from the lives of the young Lily and Rufus. We are yet to see whether the spin-off will be a Frasier or a Joey but I have high hopes. A young Julie Cooper from OC fame is rumoured to be a mate of Lily’s in the show!



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One response to “Top 5 and three quarters…why Gossip Girl is the best thing on TV at the moment

  1. disconaplondon

    Bsh plz. We are still at the cinema drinking Bacardi Breezers. Except that we can’t afford the cinema. Or the Breezers.

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