top 5 and three quarters…fabulously stylish things to do on a friday

1. Wear heels. High heels. In the office, in the library, around your flat. Anywhere and all day.

2. 6 o’clock cocktail. An absolute must.

3. Red Lipstick.  Thursday I don’t care about you, but Friday I’m in love.

4. Go Clutch. Ditch the tote with magazines, spare pair of flats, diary, umbrella, book, mini first aid kit (thanks mum).  A small or large clutch bag (as currents trend dictate) suggest you are out for a good time. Not a de -stress after a long day; lugging around your material clutter while you off load your emotional clutter to the poor bugger who just wanted a drink.

5.  Instruct all your friends to do the same. Nothing like a gaggle of glamour on a Friday night.

3/4. Remember: If you want to maintain the fabulous Friday feeling, slow down. 6 o’clock cocktails in 6 inch heels with bright red lips could be a whole different story by 11pm.



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