top 5 and three quarters…fashion ad campaigns(i’m afraid i’m one of those people who enjoy the fashion adverts in magazines)

1. YSL.  Stefano Pilati takes Paris to the Hollywood Hills. The results are pure glamour.


2. Missoni. Their latest campaign relives the glamour of beach style in the 1920s; Gabrielle Chanel at Bitaritz.


3. Christopher Bailey is fast stealing my heart. His British elegance and feminity layered with big overcoats makes me weak at the knees and what could be more British than a green house (and the Bill and Ben flowerpot men references)


4. Tom Ford. Gone are the days of Gucci and perfume bottles being caressed between a model’s legs but I can’t say I’m too upset. The man himself photographed his latest campaign and it feels like a breath of fresh air.


5. Lanvin. I just love it.


3/4. Vivienne, Vivienne, Vivienne…what can I say? Ironic? Post Ironic? Too great for us mere mortals to understand? Just having a laugh? I haven’t got a clue, but each time I see it, it has that car cash quality about it – I just cant stop staring




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