top five and three quarters…chic cycling

1. The home of chic cycling is Copenhagen was the first city to show the rest of the world just how chic a bike can be:


2. The Sartorialist has brought us some classic cycle chic in the past. I live in Amsterdam and this really is the city of bikes, but in these photos, bikes look as at home in Manhattan as yellow taxi cabs. (PS. nothing can show off a handbag better than your handle bars)


3. But London is also making a steady effort to adding some style to the city roads. sells cool and stylish cycling accessories on their website and also have an all-things-stylish-to-do-with-bikes- blog: This cape is the ultimate in chic cycling wear

Cyclodelic Cape (with handy reflective detailing) £230.

4. And it was through London Cycle Chicthat I discovered these gems by Gemma Booth. (see for more gorgeous photographs) I have two bikes but not once have I looked like this. In my cycling dreams… (These photos can also be found in the latest edition of Amelia’s Magazine)


5. And indeed cycle chic is even being considered by fashion’s elite. Pheobe Philo, former head at Chloe and now at Celine, is bringing out a capsule collection called Bicyclette due to be released in August. The range will include jersey dresses, poplin skirts and jackets that can quickly transform into a parka in case of unexpected rain.  Here is a taster. Sadly, to afford this I would probably have to sell  my bikes.


3/4.  Largerfield never misses a trick. This was first released in 2007 and only 50 were made. £6,200 of pure cycle chic. Black leather quilted sadle seat, panniers (that look like the 2.55 without the chain), and cute little bike bum bag as well as quilted handles. Yes, if I had that much money, of course I would.





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2 responses to “top five and three quarters…chic cycling

  1. A

    Oh my god, this is such a timely post.

    I, woman who cannot ride bike but have always harboured poetic cycling dreams, have signed up for a charity bike ride in September. I’ve always wanted to learn and this was as good an opportunity as any! Anyway, this is partly so I can ride around AMS when I visit (soon).

    Obviously, I will not look hot when I’m cycling 89m but in the interim, I hope to.


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