Top 5 and three quarters…how to do dapper

1. The Tie Pin: Men have limited means to make a fashion statement with accessories, so why not accessorise an accessory. The tie pin is an underdone but perfectly cool touch.

Ralph Lauren's cheeky safety pin design

Ralph Lauren's cheeky safety pin design


2. Card Holder: there is nothing worse than a bulging pocket. If you are out on the town in your finest rags, ditch the wallet and replace it with a card holder stocked with only the essentials (cash, card, oyster). Buy Bottega Veneta for the extra touch of dapper.

3. A Proper Bow Tie: one of my pet hates is men who wear clip on bow ties. It may be tricky (I spent 5 or so hours learning how to tie a bow tie badly) but it is worth it when the hour stikes midnight and you can become an honourary member of the rat pack with your undone bow tie.

4. Pocket chief: no post would be complete without a Chuck Bass reference. Mr Bass champions the dying art of a pocket chief, the perfect way to add a dash of excitement to an otherwise plain suit.

Fashion Gossip Girl

5. Constantly shined shoes: no I am not pitching an invention to the dragons, rather I am suggesting that the dapper man about town should not just polish before the party. You can always go for a quick buff in the loo (no euphemism intended).

3/4. Drink responsibly: Martinis all the way…in fact screw it, Cosmos all the way! Avoid looking like a conceited idiot and have fun!



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