Top 5 and three quarters…worst dressed this week

1. Amanda Bynes: Individually each aspect of this outfit (neon pink dress and quilted chanel bag) is on trend. But add a hideous tan and overly blonde hair and expensive styling  never looked so cheap.


2. Mary-Kate Olsen: Poor MK was involved in an explosion with a fabric warehouse this week. And also grew ears…


3. John Mayer: Im sure he thought this look was just hilarious. I can’t help but laugh at him and not with him.


4. Pamella Anderson: I love Pammy, but how did she manage to get front row at a fashion show when she is clearly wearing a dress/top which has been spray-painted orange and then thrown up on by a magpie.


5. Fergie: A wrap of baco-foil is not appropriate red carpet wear.


3/4. It was a bad week for fashion, but the crown of best dressed this week goes to a baby! And I dont even like babies. Jessica Alba’s offspring Honor Warren is a snappy little dresser, non?




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