Top 5 and three quarters…members of Girls Aloud

1. Kimberley Walsh: our everywoman. Kimberley’s brilliance lies in her endearing normality. She does not make a fuss (even when climbing a mountain) and while this may not give her column inches it means she plays the integral role of being the glue that keeps the metaphorical sequins attached.


2. Sarah Harding: The Paaaartay girl of the group. Sarah is at her best when she is falling out of taxis and into the arms of another bottle of vodka. Sarah knows her strengths do not lie in her vocal cords and exploits her other far superior talents with style. We could all learn a lesson from Sarah and embrace the fun in life a little more.


3. Cheryl Cole: ‘Our’ Cheryl is a one woman army of fabulousness [much to the incorrect disagreement of AMS]. Cheryl epitomizes contemporary beauty and has captured the heart of the nation. Her transformation from chav to cherished icon deserves a post all by itself. I would happily have her punch me in a toilet any day.


4. Nicola Roberts: Nicola has had the hardest run of all the girls. She has been labelled all sorts of nasty things but has come back fighting each time. Thankfully she has abandoned her attempt at mainstream sexiness and the reward for her individuality is the attention of the fashion elite.


5. Nadine Coyle: The pipes of the band. Nadine is an enigma who may come across a little prickly but all is forgiven as soon as she opens her mouth, her version of Fields of Gold is like audible crack. Her stage presence is unparalled and it is an understatement to say that ‘girl works it’.


3/4. I must submit that a top 5 of Girls Aloud members may seem a little…well self evident, but as you may recall, these girls were picked out of thousands of hopefuls and so perhaps deserve a little recognition of their short-term and long-term successes. Further, the merit of these ladies is evident without even mentioning their insanely excellent music. Let’s face it, this post wouldnt have even got off the ground if Javine had been a member.




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2 responses to “Top 5 and three quarters…members of Girls Aloud

  1. disconaplondon

    When you see them live you will be pleasantly surprised by Sarah and Nicola’s singing.

  2. A

    My favourite blog sentence of today: ‘like audible crack’.


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