top 5 and three quarters…chic wars

1. The Guardian called this ‘the moment the world had been waiting for’. I call it chic wars. Nothing like two stylistas trying to out style each other, both wearing the most unconvincing smile since Blackadder.In at number 1: Michelle Obama and Carla Bruni in Strasbourg at the NATO Summit. Coats with a bow is the obviously how the first ladies kick it these days.


2. This is when things start getting serious. Anna Wintour vs. Carine Roitfield. Both on first name terms with Marc, Karl, Christopher; both wield frightening amounts of fashion power and both look pretty good. But fashion is cruel, you can’t both be the most stylish woman in the world, ladies. Carine already has her gloves off by the looks of things.


3. Remember this chic wars? Sometimes there is just a clear winner from the start; one of you keeps zooming into starry heights and the other does an OK clothing line with her sister, which is a bit overpriced. Such is life. I’d say the only person this photo wasn’t awkward for was the lucky chap in the middle.


4. Perhaps less chic wars and more ‘time to hang your chic -strings up’ and ‘pass the chic mantle on’. Still, I wouldn’t fancy being in the same room with both of them at the same time – whose outfit would you compliment first?


5. The next battle is on fictional grounds only. Manhattan vs. Beverly Hills, brunette vs. blonde, razor sharp bitch vs. dippy kind hearted idiot. But that is really where their differences end. Daddy’s girls, a preference for the preppy and unearthly amounts of money make for a great chic wars.



vs. Cher


3/4. Finally, I loathe to give either of these two an inch of my time/efforts/blog/life, but they do make for a great ‘fashion’  wars, (I couldn’t possibly use the word chic here) It’s an earrings off,  Pat vs. Peggy, the only rule is; there are no rules,  kind of battle. The question is simple but the answer is a tough one: who looks worst?




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