top 5 and three quarters…best things i’ve seen online this week

1. Topshop NY opening fever. J- Lo, Philip Green, Moss’s amazing floor length dress and the queue. Check out this map I saw at Disco Nap, which shows the queue for the opening.

2. This necklace. It looks a bit DIY for the price tag but is super cute, as is it’s name and sentiment; ‘Love is Blind’. Seen at Kingdom of Style

Dreamday Nation, 'Love is Blind' £170.00

Dreamday Nation, 'Love is Blind' £170.00

3. Garance Dore’s post, The Charm of the Silk Turban was delightful. She has taken lovely photos of women wearing head scarves. I love to see fashionistas promoting the headscarf because I have known several women with cancer who have gone through the trauma of loosing their hair. This, they have told me, is one the hardest parts of the illness. A headscarf is for some of us a frivolous accessory, yet for others, it is a route back to feeling feminine.

4. The return of the shoulder pad debate goes on and on. Gemma Soames makes a witty contribution at the Times

5.Politics and international affairs took a back seat this week which was strange considering this week saw the G-20 summit in London, accompanied by large protests and the NATO summit is Strasbourg. I wonder why?

Here come the girls…

The First Ladies of Fashion. No, the one in the middle is not Sarah Brown.

No, the one in the middle is NOT Sarah Brown.

3/4.  The cover for May’s  Harper’s Bazaar. I love this magazine (apart from their Borris Johnson features) .I don’t however, love Alexa (yes, great clothes, great legs but I’m not convinced). Anyway,  I love this cover.

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