Top 5 and three quarters…Sundays

1. Pyjamas: This is probably the anti-fashion post. I have not left my PJs all day and it feels oh so good. Going to bed in the same wear and not showering may be considered skank by some, but it really is the height of relaxation.

This is perhaps the direct opposite of what I look like in my pjyamas

This is perhaps the direct opposite of what I look like in my pjyamas

2. TV marathon: my buttocks have been kept firmly attached to the sofa today and I have ashamedly watched 4 episodes of Come Dine With Me. One thing I know for certain is that I will not look like the cast of Shipwrecked by sitting down for extended periods of time.

3. Roast Dinner: the most energetic thing I have done today is cook for my housemates. I cook up a mean roast potato and love feeling that little bit sick from eating too much, it’s not a proper Sunday without indigestion.

4. Sunday Papers: I’m a big fan of the glossy supplements, I usually skip straight to Mariella Frostrup and read back from there. Things that never get read are the travel or money sections, for personal reasons I find them a cruel and insensitive dynamic.


5. Naps: I never used to be a fan of a nap, but after you have enjoyed reasons 2, 3, 4 above you find that reason 1 kindly allows (in fact it positively demands) that you ‘rest your eyes’ during the Eastenders omnibus. Bliss.

¾. Monday mornings. Sunday’s only downside is that it is the day before Monday. We all know that Monday is an evil mistress and heralds another week before we can enjoy our Sunday again. (Disclaimer: my current timetable means that I have Mondays off. No hate mail please.)



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  1. sparklingwhine

    PJ’s are so on trend! See D&G or Prada for further reference!

    and of course, you – PJ (singular)- is always on trend too xxx

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