Top 5 and three quarters…stylish reality TV stars

1. LC: The original and the best. They key to Lauren’s style success is that her look is approachable and can be easily replicated (bar the expensive labels and jewels). Lauren gives LA chic a good name.


2. Carrie Underwood: this girl knows how to work a ball gown and never shies away from bright colours. She may not be too well known in the UK but Carrie ‘s style is glamour mixed with girl-next-door charm. She is also the face of Sketchers shoes, but Im not really sure that is a positive thing.


3. Alexandra Burke: our newest X Factor winner has obviously got the right people looking after her. Ms Burke sports many a label and also is frequently bang on trend. When she is not crying all over Beyonce, this lady is someone to keep an eye on.

Dolce and Gabana-tastic

4. Olivia Palermo: a newbie in the reality TV world. This Hills star is a super biatch and a snappy dresser. Olivia epitomizes Upper East Side glamour and her drop dead gorgeous looks certainly do not hinder her ability to be an excellent clothes horse. The fake real Blair Waldorff.


5. Cheryl Cole: the queen of reality TV. Cheryl may not have been flying the flag for fashion during her stint on Popstars the Rivals, but boy did she steal the show as reality judge from heaven on X Factor. As you may have gathered, I have a little bit of a soft spot for Cheryl, but honestly, credit where credit is due.


3/4. Heidi and Spencer: this gruesome twosome get the award for least stylish reality TV pair. Heidi used to be very stylish before she become buxom barbie and Spencer…well the less said about him the better. Check out their classy and on trend pro-Sarah Palin t-shirts:


Spencer: Palin For VP: God, Guns, Glory Heidi: Read My Lipstick: Vote McCain-Palin


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