top 5 and three quarters. . .the best of ‘The Best of Tatty Devine’

1. On their website Tatty Devine has a Best of Tatty Devine page with all their most popular pieces. I think it’s quite redundant really. It is like releasing a greatest hits album claiming that you’re still making music and then soon after announcing that you are, in fact, going to stop making music. I’m not that surprised to be honest. There is not one thing in their SS/09 collection that I want to buy. There was a time when I could have bought the whole site. Nothing lasts forever.  Think of this as a bit of a Tatty Devine retrospective.

I own this necklace and I do exactly what she does as my drunk ‘party trick’ . Not much of a party trick though, I just end looking like my mum.  (NB. I think they’ve hitched up the price. I seem to remember paying £25.00.)

50s Glasses Necklace. £40.00

50s Glasses Necklace. £40.00

2. This is, not surprisingly, out of stock. Amazing.

Dinasaur Necklace. £90.00

Dinosaur Necklace. £90.00

3. This seems to never get old. Even fashion’s elite loves it. Mario Schwab autumn/ winter 2009 -10 show came with a pair built into the ticket. 

3D Glasses Necklace. £40.00

3D Glasses Necklace. £40.00

Can you see anything? Mario Schwab LFW, A/W 09

Can you see anything? Mario Schwab LFW, A/W 09

4. Nothing says you loved watching the Disney’s Cinderella like this does. I wonder if the other side looks like a pumpkin?

Horse anc Carriage Necklace. £54.00

Horse and Carriage Necklace. £54.00


 5. This has some devilisly sexual undertones.

Trapeze Necklace. £42.00

Trapeze Necklace. £42.00

3/4. This picture demonstrates how ridiculous this ring is. I would never wear it – perhaps only as a token of my love for Hercule Poirot – but I know a lot of people who would happily show it off everyday (former flatmates had a very intricate theory on the relationship between the moustache and extreme socialism) Anyway, it is a bargain and is guaranteed to make you and whoever else sees it smile.

Moustache Ring. £9.00

Moustache Ring. £9.00




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