top 5 and three quarters…thinking aloud about the future of fashion blogs.

1. I’m not sure how many more blogs I can take with girls taking photos of themselves. Susie Bubble’s outfits are creative and original and are fun to look at and that’s fine.  I feel ‘picture of what I love to wear’ overload. Is this market not saturated? Or am I alone on this? I must confess that I read such blogs daily but I’m starting to feel that they’re tired.

2. What is next for the fashion blogger? I’m new to this game and I feel like I’ve missed the boat but I’m not sure what is next. More of the same?  Twitter size portions only? 

3. I think videos are very important. All the fashion magazine websites have excellent videos. Daily Candy’s little intro is particularly sweet. It makes sense doesn’t it? Isn’t better to see fashion instead of it being described to you? First came illustration, then photography and the online video. (the hypocrisy! – all this coming from someone who wants to make a career about writing about fashion! – forgive me!)

4.  The fashion magazine has uncertain times ahead. Why spend £5.00 if you can get it for free? But I don’t necessarily believe that. I’ll always buy Vogue, the UK and the French ones. And, often I’ll buy Harper’s Bazaar. However, their shift to the internet has already happened. What does this mean for the blogger?  The popularity of Style Bubble suggests we like the personal touch? But for how long?

5. Finally, I think one of Susie Lau’s successes is that she allowed the reader to get to know her. In all her blogs there are pinches of her personality, even when she is not talking about herself.  She is almost like a good character in a novel; the reader feels like she knows her. I think the problem with some of the girls who post pictures of themselves every day is that there is no substance, no life behind the carefully thought out outfit.

3/4. Please keep reading our blog! Have I just committed blog suicide?Despite my sparkling whine I still am reading lots of fashion blogs. The fun is not over, we just need some new ideas. Watch this space!

Queen B
Queen B




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3 responses to “top 5 and three quarters…thinking aloud about the future of fashion blogs.

  1. i love Susie’s style :oD

  2. disconaplondon

    Sigh. I am only just at the phase where I have got a camera working to take photos of my outfits! I agree that we need to do more with the format but I still think we have to practice what we preach a bit with style – with more commentary and less just “look how hot I am” of course. Sometimes I feel like the photo blogs are a competition for how much ugly shit on pretty girls we can stand to look at!

  3. disconaplondon

    That was S by the way.

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