Top 5 and three quarters…affordable menswear

ASOS is having a sale – huzzah! Its about time that some menswear was affordable. Apparently there is a premium on fashionable men’s clothing, so this post is dedicated to a small exception to the rule. I mean, haven’t us middle class men had enough persecution over the centuries…

All items featured below cost less than tenner!

1. The Kiss of Judas T-shirt: Im not sure the bible had this in mind when it went to print, but hey I love a good spin-off. I like the framing of the design on this t-shirt and the striking colour. Model not included.




2. Pumps: I like to call these the ‘I just kicked a pumpkin’ shoes, catchy no? We all need a good plimsole during these spring months, and these pumps will go perfectly with the colour-de-jour, grey. 



3. Gun charm: I do not usually condone the use of firearms but on this occasion I will make an exception. I love a good charm and this necklace clearly establishes its masculinity, unfortunately the wearer wont.



4. Tiger on acid: I love this t-shirt the most! It is patently ridiculous but something about it is absolutely awesome. I can imagine wearing this on a psychedelic night out on the town. NB: this may prove an issue considering I have never had a psychedelic anything.


5. Socks: It is a great shame that socks are the least visible item of clothing. I own very boring socks so these particularly appeal to me. For something so cheap I think they look quite expensive.


3/4. Thanks to the magic of internet shopping (and a few glasses of wine) I am now the proud owner of a few of the above items. Lets traverse the rocky road of the credit crunch in style!

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