top 5 and three quarters…things i love about this video

1. I think it might be obvious by now that I love Topshop. And not just ‘quick buy in the lunch hour’ but more  ‘love of my life’ type of infatuation.

2. Great cause: Fashion Targets Breast Cancer. It was founded by Ralph Lauren in 1994.  It’s marvelous to see the money and profile of the fashion industry doing something positive – for once.

3. Great track: ‘Pupils Blink’ by Peggy Sue. I went to uni with these girls and its good to see them getting some recognition.

4. I feel a bit like that girl (although I look nothing like her) every time I get ready to go out for a night, standing in front of the mirror. She looks like she is having a lot more fun than I do though. By the last outfit I’m normally so tired and frustrated I decide to stay in.

5. Love seeing how Topshop put things together. What could have been more fun than styling this video? Not sure anyone but that model could pull off the long green socks and orange shorts without looking like they were at gym glass though.

3/4.  And they have a sale on. What a great way to spend a Bank Holiday.


36 mins after I posted this, I saw something at Fashionista that I really wanted to share and fitted perfectly with my post. In keeping with our strict 5 and three quarters policy, scrap the current 3/4 entry ( I can shop at Topshop any day of the week – sale or no sale) and replace it with this instead: How New York can’t quite get over Topshop:

“These are clothes so absurdly trendy that shoppers might think they were at Forever 21, or even Bang Bang, if it were not for the higher prices, with dresses often costing $100 to $150, and the marketing of Topshop as a destination for cool design. The creative style of the sales staff helps to create that illusion.” —Eric Wilson weighs in on Topshop in The New York Times.



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