Top 5 and three quarters…things I am NOT on the fence about this week

1. Cassie’s new hair: this quasi-pseudo Britney should have known better. It is not edgy or clever, it is just a bit silly. Looking forward to her realising she has to grow it out sooner of later.


2. Ashamed Amazon: Some kind of moral and / or technical glitch has meant that the search term ‘homosexuality’ brings up a list of useful tomes on how to cure or prevent the dreaded ‘gay’. I expect Amazon will be feeling the pinch a little, everyone knows that nobody loves to shop as much as the gays!

3. The Fame 09 trailer: when this little diddy dropped into my inbox I nearly peed myself a little. Im not even that big a fan of Fame, but the slowed down remix of the song will be a moment of musical cinematic joy – please file under Jennifer Hudson in Dreamgirls, Tiffany Taylor in Camp and Lauren Hill in Sister Act 2.

4. Zac Efron: Zac is no boy, he is all man (and not in a wierd Ray Quinn way) and boy does his most recent appearance in GQ come to prove it. Im not saying he is in the running for a nobel prize, but boy is he purdy!

insert pole related pun here

insert pole related pun here

5. The return of The Hills: to those who have not yet stumbled upon the brilliance of The Hillsthen the following will seem like code: our heroine LC clearly couldnt care less about her own reality TV life, but so long as the Pratts keep causing trouble, she has seem interested. The new season kicked off with the perfect plot device – a boat.


3/4. I think the above deserves some kind award for being the gayest blog post ever written.



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One response to “Top 5 and three quarters…things I am NOT on the fence about this week

  1. disconaplondon

    That Hills/Family Guy cartoon is hilarious.

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