top five and three quarters… things that are so WRONG with this picture


This is called ‘Inspiring Beauty’.  It is for May’s Vanity Fair.  In May Justin and Kate will be hosting the Metropolitan Museum of Costume Institute Gala with Anna Wintour, who, funnily enough isn’t in the photo. Shame. This year the theme is ‘The Model as Muse: Embodying Fashion’. Sadly, I only have a limited space to tell exactly what is wrong with this, so here goes:

1.  Justin Timberlake looks so awkard: he looks like an english football player who is trying to dance.  The strange thing is, is that he is not a footballer and he can dance. So how did this happen?

2. Marc Jacobs looks like a small child who won’t leave his mother’s leg. Or was this the only way to deal with his height insecurities?

3. Marc Jacobs is a fierce Designer. Kate Moss is a living icon. Justin Timberlake was in ‘n sync, does the global MacDonald’s advert track, has had a very successful solo career… and, oh yeah, has a small label that you’ve probably not heard of.  But never mind. He sells magazines. And Marc and Kate probably fancy him a little bit.

4. Annie Leibovitz took this photo. Yep. I’m lost for words as well.

5. Moss looks amazing. She looks like a golden ballerina.  Less is more. Marc and Justin = ridiculous.

3/4. Am I alone on this one? Often I am on these things. Just Jared calls it ‘stunning’. I call it sell out.



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One response to “top five and three quarters… things that are so WRONG with this picture

  1. sparklingwhine

    I am generally a big fan of Vanity Fair’s unashamedly commercial ‘arty’ photos, but I agree with you on this one AMS…apart from the waxing lyrical about Kate Moss
    LON x

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