top five and three quarters…why I’m excited about the Spring 09 Material Girl cover


1. I was standing in one of my favourite spots in Amsterdam when I saw this. I was at the magazine shop on the corner of the Spuistraat  (my favourite spot because Harry’s – the infamous cocktail bar  is a martini glass away and the American Book Shop – the place I go when I’m home sick is next door but one) This place has all the best magazines and papers from all over the world. Admittedly, they come a bit late.  For me, this was the cover that jumped out on the stand.

2. It is the ‘on the continent sister’ of INDIE magazine. It’s not in English but that hardly matters. The shoots are dream like and  unusual. Its simple and  unpretentious. It is hip fashion without the pretension of Nylon or ID.  It’s fun and harmless, like fashion should be.  And it feels youthfull  and somewhat ‘home-made’, partly because it’s online home is a myspace page that claims to be 19 and is bright pink. It’s a quarterly published in Switzerland, NY, London, Paris, Germany and Tokyo. This may be old news to some of you. It started in 1997.  Apologies if that is the case.

3.The beautiful fake lashes and the doll like face strongly evokes Twiggy and Lilly Cole. It’s a great homage to amazing faces past and present.


4.The piled up curls are delicious to look at;  fairy tale – esque but messy enough to suggest that instead of going to the ball she probably went to the party and prince charming drives a 1960s Porche, not a white horse.  

5. The flowers above her eyes are NOT to be done at home, but are quite something.

3/4.Wished I caught on earlier. Their covers are gorgeous. Here’s what I’ve missed. I wanted to show you them all because they work really well as a sequence. The contrast between the ‘natural’ simple beauty of issue 3 sits wonderfully next to the excess, frivolous glamour of issue 4. There seems to be a homage to the 60’s running throughout.

Issue 1. Winter 07/08

Issue 1. Winter 07/08

Issue 2 Spring 08

Issue 2 Spring 08

Issue 3 Fall 08

Issue 3 Fall 08

Issue 4 Winter 08/09

Issue 4 Winter 08/09



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