top 5 and three quarters…ballerina chic.

This a trend that seems to linger. It’s never quite in full bloom but neither is it off the radar (remember the opening credits to SATC and Carrie’s dress?)  After all I always want to be in the Royal Ballet and I always want a new pair of French Soles ( God bless my first navy pair that became French Holes).  Here is what you need:

1. The Leotard. Even if not intended, when wearing one of these a pirouette always looks immanent. American Apparel is the place to find them.


2. Think Pink. Not bubble gum bright but dusky demure – the pink of the tights you use to wear to ballet school on a Saturday morning. Think Stella McCartney and Chloe SS/09



3. Ballet pumps. I’m a French Sole or nothin’ kinda girl. (perfect for practising the 5 feet positions at the bus stop)

'Simple', £70.00

'Simple', £70.00

4. The big skirt aka the tu tu. Topshop has gone one step further: the tu tu dress


5. The cropped cardigan. Cropped is everywhere at the moment. GG’s Serena can’t seem to leave the house without a cropped leather jacket. We understand. For ballerina chic – go softer with this Micheal Stars number (Whistles has UK exclusivity on this American brand. They mostly do the most amazing fitting tees. EVER)

3/4 sleeve crew cardigan $125.00

3/4 sleeve crew cardigan $125.00

3/4. Preferably not all at once.



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