top 5 and three quarters…talking ’bout my (gran’s) generation

Taylor Momsen better step aside and show some respect to her elders.  With Barbara Hulanicki taking centre stage in the yoofs domain at the mo (see LOVE’s blog), I’ve been thinking it might not all be about the skins – eqsue teen scenters…

1. Barbara Hulanicki. Women of the moment. (and has been since 1964) collection for Topshop: 8 days and counting…

2. Sonia Rykiel. Still a force to be reckoned with. Still lives on the Left Bank.  Still only 79.

3. The Queen of England. Technically speaking I’m a republican but in terms of style, she has served our nation well.

4. Karl Largefield. There is no stopping this man. Although, these days he is looking so extreme that I wouldn’t be that surpised if we had actually lost Karl years ago (sadly) and underneath the high collar, behind the black sunglasses and inside the gloves there is a small man who does a convincing German accent.

5.  June Brown aka Dot Cotton. This marks her second appearance on sparkling whine. Is it the way she holds her cigarette? Is the way she ties her neck scarfs? Is it the way her crocodile clutch bags hangs delicately over her slim arms?

3/4.  Combined ages: 393.

           Average age: 78.6

           Average number of years older than Little J: 63.6



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One response to “top 5 and three quarters…talking ’bout my (gran’s) generation

  1. sparklingwhine

    Just when you thought you couldnt fit in a GG reference, BANG there it is.
    I swear they should be paying us for all the advertising!

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