top 5 and three quarters…homesickness

Blogging is never easy. This is particularly true when the Internet connection in your flat crashes. Luckily I have the library but I’m sure you can imagine the dirty looks I’m getting from those doing ‘proper work’ – ( that is normally me – I know that look) So sadly my posts are brief until the the Internet comes alive again.In the meantime I will indugle in a little homesickness. It takes many forms, yet more often than not however it is the shops of London I miss.

1. Topshop. The one of Victoria Street is my favourite. The office workers are only around from 1 pm-2pm and don’t seem interested in those Aztec print leggings for some reason…

2. Labour of Love, Upper Street, Islington. It’s like a dressing up box for grown ups.

3. Camden Passage Market. It may be small but it is mighty. And unlike most markets you can use the loos in the pub next door as a changing room!

4. Marks and Spencers. Where else can you buy whiter than white 5 pack knickers, chocolate buttons AND new bed linen?

5. Oxfam. Particularly the one in Notting Hill Gate. The Dutch don’t really do charity shops and my god, you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.

3/4. Harvey Nics. Not somewhere where I actually shopped but more somewhere I hopelessly browsed and dreamt.


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