Top 5 and three quarters…SS/09 trends I am not on board with

That’s right, I’m casting the first stone! In my opinion these very ‘in’ trends should be thrown out.

1. Denim Jackets: I cannot find any excuse for denim above the waist…ever. Its not big and its not clever. The material just doesn’t suit the upper torso. Like wearing straw trousers, it just doesn’t make sense.

Rihanna looking vaguely acceptable.

Rihanna looking vaguely acceptable.

2. Corsets: I’m not entirely sure how a symbol of female oppression has made it back into the mainstream. Whether it is reclaiming past notions or simply creating a svelte shape, such a narrow waist just looks odd. The model in the below photo actually collapsed shortly after this picture was taken, a great advert for the corset.
Alexander McQueen runway show

Alexander McQueen runway show

3. Tassels: I have no clue why most tassels I see are on shoes in a faux suede material. Whatever the reason, manufacturers should cease and desist. There are far better ways to channel your inner cowgirl.
Uggs + tassels = ahhhhh

Uggs + tassels = ahhhhh

4. The Fedora: let’s face it, not many people can pull off hats. And for those lucky few who can, why choose a fedora!? Any cool associations from the 20s – 60s have gone. I am referring to female fedora’s predominately, I have to admit some men can look quite dapper in a fedora. Boyish chic may be in, but give this component a miss.
5. The over-sized leopard print faux fur coat: I have just about come around to the idea of leopard print. But I draw the line at young girls channeling their inner Ivana Trump in massive faux fur monstrosities. It is not demure, it just looks silly.
Isabel Marant SS09 - a toned down version of what I speak of

Isabel Marant SS09 - a toned down version of what I speak of

3/4. I hasten to add that I am all for pushing boundaries and trying interesting new ideas when it comes to fashion. But even top designers should not be impervious to criticism. Disagreements are welcomed, and promptly ignored…


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2 responses to “Top 5 and three quarters…SS/09 trends I am not on board with

  1. sparklingwhine

    I’m afraid I LOVE (light, cropped)denim jackets, hats and over sized lepoard print coats. S i guess it’s true – opposites attract!

  2. disconaplondon


    I hate fedoras but rather like the leopard-print coat thing. Denim jackets I can understand are very functional but I won’t be buying one myself – I am all about canvas.

    x S

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