Top 5 and three quarters…Jeffery and Cole

Departing slightly from the normal content, I am not referring to two hot young designers. Instead, let me introduce you to an  incredibly funny American comedy duo. Besides, laughter is always in vogue.

1. Their youtube skits focus attention of gay issues, but allow comedy to do the talking.

2. As well as being cute as a button, Jeffery is a successful solo performer / writer / blogger. For a healthy dose of nostalgia and anecdotes blog on to .

3. Who doesn’t love a bit of drag!? Cole is alarmingly convincing.

4. Their dynamic is key to their hilarity. In a purely comedic sense, Jeffery plays the ‘straight’ part while Cole provides the outlandish humour. They are almost reminiscent of a young, gay, American, Morecambe and Wise (with better hair).

5. I’m not sure which of these two characters I identify with most. But one thing is certain, we all know how this feels…

3/4. As a Londoner it may be some time before I get see these guys perform either live or on my TV. But watch this space…I predict big things for these two. (Previous correct predictions include Leona Lewis, Alexandra Burke and the current winner of the Apprentice – you could call me Cassandra).



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