top 5 and three quarters…the show must go on

With Karl Largerfeld, wonders never cease. The 2010 Chanel cruise collection took place yesterday in Venice, on the beach. With a boardwalk for the runway and deck chairs on the sand for the onlookers, it was quite removed from Largerfeld’s usual theatrical shows. Admittedly, the cruise collection is not as high profile. (Although arguably just as exclusive – being based in the Grand Excelsior Hotel Lido resort and just as dramatic – the show started two hours late) Yet you can’t help but get the feeling that even the house of Chanel is feeling the pinch – outside, deck chairs, bring your own champers (probably). Maybe it was all that money they spent on the No.5 ad? And as Lilly Allen as the new face of Chanel Accessories, times must really be tough.  Here’s a little retrospective of the Chanel shows, which is demonstrative of the tightening of the monochrome belts.

1. Cheap and cheerful. Cruise collection, Venice, 2010.

chanel cruise

2. The Merry Go Round. Fall 2008, New York Fashion Week


3. Home from home. Largefeld brings the original Chanel store, 33 Rue Cambon to the Grand Palais for this year’s Spring/summer fashion week.

33 rue cambon

4. Largerfeld than life: A 75 ft iconic Chanel jacket. Couture Show, Paris, January 08.


5. Cutting edge: Orgami at Chanel’s Couture spring 09 show in Paris.


3/4. Less is more: The last Coco Chanel Show in 1971.




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