top 5 and three quarters…Natasha Khan aka Bat For Lashes

I saw Bat for Lashes last night at the Melweg in Amsterdam. Why do I love her so much?

1. The music. The sound is as dark and haunting as the lyrics and she has an absolutely beautiful voice. She sounds better live than on the records. I haven’t heard many female vocalists pull off what she did last night. It was proper ‘hairs on the back of your neck’ raising.

2. Super Style: She had on a fantastic neck piece that was made of a pinky/white net that sat in pleats around her neck in a sort of clownish way. She looked uber cool – despite my hideously unclear description.  Sadly any photos I tried to take came out a dark smudgy blur. Paired with the neck piece she was wearing a navy shirt with a black leather belt and some skinnies. With that thing round her neck, dressing down was her only option. But scour the net andyou’ll see her looking much more falmboyant.

3. She’s from Brighton aka The Best Place in the World. I felt there was a little of bit of home in Amsterdam last night.

4. The band was wicked. It does change quite alot but at the moment there is a femal drummer who was too cool for skool – Ive never seen a drummer look so chic.

5. The stage was covered in fairy lights, flashing angels, statues of the Virgin Mary, a crow and a deer’s head. The piano was draped with a big picture of a wolf’s face. It was a feast for the eyes.

3/4. And she played the keyboard, and the guitar, and the tambourine, and some small electronic thing she plucked, and small bells, and the maracas. Leg – end



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One response to “top 5 and three quarters…Natasha Khan aka Bat For Lashes

  1. Bat Fan

    Saw you at the show. you looked pretty hot too.

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