Top 5 and three quarters…best dressed this week

1. Miranda Kerr: metallic terracotta is a brave choice, and this outfit proves how fashion can reward courage. I love how the built-in belt synches in the waist but doesn’t take away from the block colour. PS It pained me to cut out her dishy fiancee Orlando Bloom from the photo.


2. Eliza Dushku: Boobs aside, this outfit channels a casual / tailored chic look that is incredibly in at the moment. Who knew tweed and leather could be friends?


3. Rachel Weisz: Olive green is now officially my favourite colour. This lacey Chanel number is so versatile and effortless gorgeous (granted Ms Weisz may have something to do with the latter).


4. Penelope Cruz: I am not entirely sure whether Penelope is wearing the dress or the other way round. Nevertheless, there is something really appealing about the ‘Athens meets Bollywood’ flavour of this dress.


5. Dita Von Teese: It continuously surprises me that Dita makes my best dressed list. When she is not wearing ludicrous corsets and appearing on Eurovision, Dita looks pretty damn amazing. Her glamorous attire really captures a look that is very ‘now’. Boy, Cannes she work it!


3/4. Nobody is a bigger Leighton Meester fan than I, so it pains me to relegate her to the worst dressed segment of my list. Her poker straight highlighted hair really washes her out and the tux dress / suit / skort makes her look boxy. This may have been acceptable in 2003, but I expect more from the reigning GG queen.




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4 responses to “Top 5 and three quarters…best dressed this week

  1. Robert

    Eliza Dushku is the hottest chic on the planet!!

  2. Frances

    I hate Leighton Meister’s shoes with a passion. Something about the multi strap and the high heels always makes me think of trotters. They also cut stop at the fattest part of her ankle.

  3. sparklingwhine

    The first thing my mother ever taught me – never cut your ankles off. With shoes or otherwise.

  4. S

    Similarly do not and have never liked the multiple-strap patent heels seen on all celebs at the moment.

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