Top 5 and three quarters…Girls Aloud’s Out Of Control Tour

On Saturday myself and a bunch of die hard Girls Aloud fans attended the Out of Control Tour. As expected, the girls put on a hell of show and Ill tell you for why…

1. Nicola: the undisputed star of the show was the previously ‘fugly’ Nicola. She recieved the most raucous cheers and was a firm favourite of the audience. Nicola has finally settled into her own skin, and boy is it paying dividends.


2. Flying Girls Aloud: blogger BFF S assures me that most artists fly above the audience with the help of expensive set design nowadays, but I was nevertheless impressed. The girls threw gold glitter over the audience while flying, just in case the audience wasnt gay enough.

3. The dance moves: during Popstars the Rivals a simple twirl was beyond the girls’ abilities. Now they give the pro’s a run for their money. I may have joined in a couple of times from my seat.


4. The set list: Out of Control was met by mixed reviews from fans and critics. However, the tour allowed a context for each of the songs. Rolling Back The Rivers In Time took on a whole new dimension as a hulla sensation, Revolution In The Head took pride of place as a club classic and the Fix Me Up found its niche as a seedy stripper soundtrack.

5. Value for money: after 7 years Girls Aloud still work for every penny. They kept the mood upbeat, seemed to be genuinely having fun and enjoyed banter with the audience. Considering this is predominately a fashion blog I suppose I should mention their outfits – they rocked – simple as.



3/4. The jury is out on whether they sung live or not. Vocally they were pretty flawless (bar Sarah shouting instead of singing) and there was some ‘mistakes’. In my mind, they were convincing whether or not they sung to a live pre-recording.





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4 responses to “Top 5 and three quarters…Girls Aloud’s Out Of Control Tour

  1. sparklingwhine

    That sounds like a lot of fun. Even though I have Cheryl issues, I have no doubt it was a great show. Granted Sarah shouting instead of singing – which she did painfully enough at the brits – is entertainment enough. Do they have someone famous doing their costumes? I could imagine Kimberley’s mum sewing furiously backstage.

    Anway, dear Lon, that was our 100th post. Congrats and a bloody well done. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts and writing my own and if we were in the same country i’d buy you a glass of sparkling whine. but we’re not, so I’ll buy myself a drink and think of you. Keep up the good work.

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  3. hayley

    omg did you really see her being sick. i went the next day at the 02 when they filmed it, i thought i could see my hand waving on tv lol.

  4. hayley

    omg was she really being sick on stage. i went the next day at the 02 🙂

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