Top 5 and three quarters…Eat East

No, I’m not talking about Asian-fusion inspired cuisine, I mean East London.  Now I am not a fan of the achingly trendy East London ‘scene’ but I was taken out to eat at restaurant Bistotheque in the heart of East London and I was impressed:

1. You feel like you are dining in the love child of a posh restaurant and a factory. White tiled walls and basic bathrooms are juxtaposed with fine dining.

2. The waiters know what they are talking about (as a part-time waiter I feel qualified to judge – especially as I don’t know what I am talking about). If like most humans you don’t know what gremolata is, the ridiculously trendy waiter is happy to explain.


3. Relatively speaking, the place is in the middle of nowhere. Certainly not a short walk from the tube (which I was lucky enough to avoid thanks to the luxury of taxi). The place is all the more delicious because you feel that you have been let in on a well kept secret.

4. The proof was indeed in the pudding. Well in the starter and main course really, I was too stuffed for pudding. Veal sweetbreads followed by the best rump of lamb I have eaten. The menu does not overwhelm with choice, is seasonally changing and fundamentally British.

5. There is an excellent ground floor bar with bar staff dressed like they are going out themselves. There is also a brilliant Cabaret room which was hosting an excellent drag act. I took a seat next to Neil Tennant from the Pet Shop Boys and felt rather cool.

3/4. This lovely experience was only possible because I am lucky enough to have a very generous and fabulous sister. I shall have to save my pennies and take AMS when she returns to her LON.

LON (I’m still alive)



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2 responses to “Top 5 and three quarters…Eat East

  1. sparklingwhine

    I’ve been there and I love it! Did you go downstairs and see the ‘show’??

    What a lovely post and you can take me there but we’ll go halves or possibly just make a run for it.

  2. sparklingwhine

    sorry – obviously when I first read the post for some reason I skipped out number 4. Brilliant drag act but am oh so jealous you sat next to a pet shop boy! to cool for school…xx

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