top 5 and three quarters…Alexa Chung

I’ve often refrained from posting Alex Chung. I’ve never been completely sold. What has she actually done? – apart from a lot of mediocre TV.  And then I recently read an article in which she admitted not wanting to help Oxfam out because she didn’t want to be over exposed. Nice. Anyway, even old highly cynical me can’t deny she’s pretty nifty at throwing an outfit or two together. Look at this

alex chung


The Chung Checklist

1. Barbara Hulanicki for Topshop dress. Dress for the masses that will only look that good on her.

2. Skinny, beautifully bronzed, long legs

3. New York City aka Desperately Seeking Sevigny aka trying to be as cool as Chloe

4. She looks like she’s a student in the 70s

5. Never far from a man with a guitar (Chung’s ultimate accessory)

3/4.  Strange to see Chung without a killer Mulberry. Perhaps that’s where she is headed.



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One response to “top 5 and three quarters…Alexa Chung

  1. Alexalover

    Okay, you are entitled to your opinion on her career. But she creates some TDF outifts, and this is just a bad example.

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