sip of sparkling whine…here’s one I made earlier

A  little  while ago I posted this gorgeous Jennifer Behr head piece:


Then a Sparkling Whine reader and fellow blogger at Disco Nap asked me how to do this on the cheap, understandably not wanting to pay $248 dollars for a bit of knotted rope.

My answer was  to remember to your best ability all the knots your learnt at Girl Scouts.

Fashionista has come up with a much handier solution after seeing the aforementioned Jennifer Behr head piece in Teen Vogue.



According to Fashionista:

-1.5-2 yards of rope
-A thin, plastic headband
-Optional: tea


1. If you’d like your rope to look a little weathered, dip it into a cup of black tea that you’ve let steep until the color’s what you’d prefer. Let dry overnight.

2. Start experimenting with knots. We liked the look of the original but were immediately taken back to our rock climbing days and decided to do a double figure eight knot.

3. Double-up your rope, and fold in half.

4. Take the right ropes and cross them over the left.

5. Loop these ropes back to the right side, by going underneath the rope.

6. Poke the rope through the loop at the top, and pull tight.

7. Move the knot around on the rope, until it is at a place that will lie nicely on your head.

8. Take the headband and put superglue onto it, working in about 2-inch sections. Press the rope down and continue until you reach the end of the headband.

9. Cut the excess rope and superglue the ends to prevent fraying.

Check out their website for accompanying images.



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