Top 5 and three quarters…Summer do’s and dont’s

In the fight for a sunny summer, London seems to be currently on the winning team. But just like Wimbledon, I am sure we are soon to be disappointed. In the meantime, here are some top tips for summer…

1. DON’T do Fringes (or bangs as Americans bizarrely term it): Heat equals sweat, and a sweaty forehead is hardly sexy. Banish the bangs and say hello to a full face of sun.

2. DO wear white: summer provides an excuse for a white dress on a day other than your wedding. Add a touch of gold for some Athenian glamour.

3. DON’T under any circumstances wear socks and sandals: it is not cute or clever. Even if worn in the most ironic way, the socks and sandals combo is truly deplorable. Men, get yourselves a pedicure and exhibit your feet with pride.

4. DO dress smartly: it may not be everybodys cup of tea, but personally I adore the ‘summer in the Hamptons’ look. Men and women alike can pair some tailored shorts with a crisp shirt or v-neck sweater and embrace the inner Ralph Lauren.

5. DON’T overdo the tan: a bronze glaze is desirable. Orange is a skin colour that is never in vogue. My recommendation – use bronzer rather than fake tan to upgrade your pink hue.

3/4. I spoke too soon. It just started raining.



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