Neill adds some extra sparkle to sparkling whine…

I hope you have all noticed! It’s a bit like when you get your hair cut and when you ask your boyfriend if there is anything ‘different’ about you, he grunts, tilts his head and says, ‘new lipstick?’

This is our New Look – a bit like Dior’s 1947 Spring collection, equally as momentous and revolutionary just perhaps on a slightly smaller scale.

‘Who is this creative genius???’ – I hear you all cry from the depths of cyberspace. It is none other than the wonderful Mr Neill Pitt. Neill is a fellow Amsterdammer , Wire watching, bike riding (all though he’s gone EXTREME with a bike that doesn’t have brakes), small beer drinking, can’t quite figure the locals out, boat hopping friend, who is a graphic designer by trade.

Thank you very much Mr. Pitt.

For more of his brilliant designs check out his website – And if you ever see him on a bike in Amsterdam – get the hell out of his way – he’s got no brakes.



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