top 5 and 3/4… men’s shorts – at Jezz’s request

I have a wonderful friend called Jezz. We lived together for two years as penniless students in Brighton (and are still both penniless). We shared lots of good times; one particular highlight being Exit festival in Serbia. One night whilst sipping toxic ‘energy drinks’,  none other than the beautiful Lily Cole approached Jez and complimented him on his jumper. Clearly, she was drinking what we were (Just joking Jezz).  Anyway, Jezz has always been a man of style from ACDC t -shirts to bright orange linen trousers and muti-coloured hoodies.  But even Jezz has fashion conundrums. Recently he emailed me saying:

“I am a fashionable enough man, its summer. I want to wear shorts with style. I want to look genuinely cool like Depp or Rourke not like Peter Andre or Busted. So how should a man wear shorts and pull them off with panache? any examples?”

Well Jezz, I have never let you down before and I’m not about to start now…

1. NEVER EVER, ON ANY ACCOUNT WEAR SOCKS, with trainers or sandals, when wearing shorts. Socks with shorts is the foot equivalent of an England football shirt or a purple check shirt from Topman.  You’ll instantly become a style outcast.

2. Colour it up. Bright colour shorts with a grey/white/black t- shirt shows a style savy man.  And Jezz, the ladies will love it – which, as I know so well, is always your priority. Try Uniqlo or Hennes. And Jezz this is well within your modest budget – (when you’re a rock star I can suggest a few other places you could check out)

3. Don’t go too short. Short shorts should stay in the 70s and certain late night venues where they belong. Think of others, please

4. Unless preppy is you thing, stay away from high waist with belt. It’s either too Marks and Sparks or too Chuck Bass wannabe, and take it from me, there is only ONE Chuck Bass. 

5. Take inspiration from Men’s Fashion Weeks, which are happening as we speak. It seems women take more note of Men’s Fashion Weeks than men do.

3/4. Shorts always look with best bare feet on a beach. And Jezz lives by one of the best beaches in the world, good old Brighton beach.

A few examples of great men wearing great shorts:

mens shorts 1





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