a sip… drug dealers and dresses

A mostly rainy day in Amsterdam meant that we spent the afternoon watching the final episode of The Wire season 4. If you’re not on The Wire then do it . IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Thrilling, heart stopping, funny, so so so clever, totally believable, bewitching and at times heart breaking, I can’t recommend it enough. So, with season four wrapped up and yet to buy season 5 (BBC 2 are showing it but please, please start at the beginning. You’ll miss so such. It’s superbly and intelligently subtle), I turned my head to my second addiction; Topshop and look what I found.

Nude ruffle dress topshop




I miss the guns, the gangsters, the homicide po-lice, the corner boys and the politicians of west Baltimore – a complex narrative that blurs right and wrong, good and bad; a heart wrenching story about those in the game and those trying to cheat it and those trying to make it fair.

Nothing like a bit of Topshop to bring the world into perspective.



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