a sip… magic moments

When my mum paid me a visit last week we shopped till we dropped (My mum has always been and still is the only person I really feel 100% happy with when shopping. Apart from her, I’m happier solo) . We went to my favourite shop in Amsterdam called Centre Neuf on the Utrechestraat. It stocks Acne, Paul and Joe and diffusion ranges from Sonia Rykel and Marc Jacobs, as well as Filipa K amongst others. Its a lovely light spacious store and at the moment its got THE most amazing sale. An Acne full length beige mac down to 70 euros, American Vintage ts for 20 euros. We went in twice the week she visited. On the second time, there was a dress that I hadn’t seen on the first visit at a fraction of its former price. The Paul and Joe white and black shift dress sat by itself, the last one and guess what…in my size. It’s a very classic dress and providing I don’t put on any weight it is the kind of thing I’ll always be able to wear. It’s very recession chic, being so timeless. Buying a ‘timeless’ piece felt so grown up. “Try it on!” my mum insited.

I said to her afterwards its the sort of dress you put on and feel like someone else. Magic. It was mine.





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  1. disconaplondon

    Photos please x

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