a sip… I saw him first

I love love love Garance Dore so am totally gutted that I missed her giving a lecture at Foam Photography Gallery here in Amsterdam last night, as part of Amsterdam International Fashion Week.  My head has been in the library so much recently (partial excuse for infrequent blogging also) that when something finally wonderful comes to Amsterdam I miss it! Not cool. 

But not only that; I saw this boy that is on her blog!

gd in amsterdam

 This story probably isn’t that interesting to anyone else, unless you were in Amsterdam yesterday and happened to see him too, but I’ll share it anyway. When popping out of the library I went to the Coffee Culture on the Spuistraat. He was sitting there with a girl. They were very noticeable because, well its not often you see ‘trendy’ types in this city, much to my dismay. The girl he was with was the thinnest thing I have ever seen, wearing all black with big black sunglasses and long black hair.  She didn’t look quite that Adams Family, but her cool ‘black’ look did definitely tip over into goth.  Perhaps that’s why she didn’t turn up on Garance Dore’s blog.

I can’t believe that I saw that boy. A perfect example of how bloody small this town really is. Nice to know Garance is a fan of Amsterdam. I feel a bit star struck, like when Jo Whiley came into the Whistles I was working in on Upper Street. Athough I can’t figure out if it’s because I saw someone on her blog, who she always makes look like film stars and thousands of people will have now seen as a reult of being on the blog or because she was in my city.

Funnily enough tomorrow I’m off to her city for the weekend with the bf. And no, I’m not following her.




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2 responses to “a sip… I saw him first

  1. disconaplondon

    Dear AMS, are you in Paris this weekend? I’m there on Saturday for a little fashion bloggers trip but sadly with no S.

    It would be amazing amazing amazing to see you, if possible.


    • sparklingwhine

      I’ve just seen your post – so sorry. I was there. That would have been so wonderful. Gutted. What was the trip in aid of??

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